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Audio Intakes fundamentally transforms the traditional time-consuming Talent Acquisition process. It significantly enhances efficiency and automates repetitive tasks, allowing Talent Acquisition professionals to manage their time and resources more effectively.

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We have pre-trained Audio Intakes for specific parts of the Talent Acquisition process. Our template touch points are tailored to meet the unique needs of several stages of talent acquisition. They are crafted to enhance efficiency, improve engagement, and provide deep insights into various activities.

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Talent review

Spending too much time qualifying the best applicants for an interview? Our interactive solution simplifies, structures and automates it for you.
Sent out to talents immediately after an initial job application or following a first hard criteria selection, to enhance efficiency in the early stages of your talent acquisition process.
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Talent pool

Hired! But what happens with the other rejected top candidates? Start hiring more effectively and transform your talent pool strategy.
Implemented during or directly after an initial rejection, offering an opportunity to re-engage strong candidates and seamlessly align them with your company culture and future roles.
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Employee lifecycle

Discover what drives your people.

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