Smart talent management

Revolutionize your talent journey with an interactive, voice-centric, approach. Driving a new era of efficiency, engagement, and well informed decisions.

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Increased efficiency

Streamlined processes within human resources, by automating repetitive tasks and documentation.

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Authentic interaction

An authentic and engaging way to interact with talent, leading to richer communication and deeper insights.

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Well-informed decisions

Automatic collection and analysis of data, providing actionable insights that enable the best decisions.

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Higher engagement

Guaranteed ease of use leading to higher participation rates and more comprehensive data.

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Advanced personalization

Human like experience, through real time interaction, leading to a highly personalised approach.

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Bridging the gap

Comprehensive understanding of your talent, their skills, personality, aspirations and satisfaction.

Complete HR toolkit

A complete HR toolkit

Audio Intakes is ideally tailored for repetitive interactions between employers and young professionals. It caters to various use cases, each capable of standalone implementation, yet when combined, they comprehensively enhance the entire talent journey and insights.

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Talent acquisition
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Talent Development

The solution

Interactive voice-powered questionnaires, equipped with advanced intelligence, that efficiently collect, analyse and present you with actionable talent insights. A simple, yet powerful 3-step approach:

Fast & easy implementation process

With an intuitive setup process, based on pre-trained touch points, it can be quickly implemented without requiring extensive training or technical expertise. Also, its seamless integration ensures minimal disruption to your current workflows and systems.

Natural & interactive experience

The interface mimics a natural human conversation, making it easy and comfortable for users to communicate with. Through real time analysis of answers given, it interacts with users in an engaging question and answer format, ensuring a personalized experience.

Structured & actionable information

Beyond processing and presenting the responses, it transcribes, summarises and provided actionable insights, adding in recommending that align with the specific context and goals you configure in your touch point.

Seamlessly integrated

Audio Intakes is built to be seamlessly integrated. It easily syncs up with your current Recruitment and HRIS software for an ultimate user experience, both for you and the talent.

Leveraging top-tier security protocols, we guarantee the utmost protection of personal data and maintain strict confidentiality. Easily access recorded answers through our secure user interface.

Seamlessly integrated
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