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Why People Analytics?

Every company is fundamentally about its people. That's why decisions about people shouldn't solely rely on gut feelings or intuition.

By leveraging data from various areas, people analytics will reveal insights that might otherwise go unnoticed. This enables you to make informed decisions on everything from hiring and retention strategies to optimizing team dynamics and leadership development.

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>30% Higher employee retention
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Proactive management

Understand and support the professional ambitions and goals of your employees. We help you align your resources to help them achieve their full potential.

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Agile decision making

The continuous lifecycle ensures that you are always in tune with your employees needs and aspirations, leading to more informed decision-making and strategic alignment.

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Satisfied workforce

Capture detailed reflections on job role, environment, compensation, growth, and team. This structured approach ensures you address and align with your employees needs.

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Cultural resilience

Gather insights into the cultural environment of your organization. We help you gauge the cultural dynamics and align your efforts to foster the best possible culture.

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Recruitment & retention

In-depth data about the personality traits and wellbeing of your workforce, based on a scientifically proven framework, allowing you to tailor your people strategies effectively.

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Diversity & inclusion

Enable a culture of openness and ongoing dialogue with HR through continuous, spontaneous voice entries. Capturing real-time thoughts and providing swift resolution of concerns.

Employee lifecycle platform

We provide a dynamic and interactive solution that advances people analytics, combining quantitative data with qualitative, open-ended voice feedback to capture comprehensive insights on employee sentiments and ideas. This elevates efficiency, boosts engagement, and provides a distinct strategic focus.

Automated workflow

The employee lifecycle features several automated check-ins throughout the year, creating a streamlined process to assess culture, personality, satisfaction, wellbeing, and career ambitions.

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Continuous insights

Our advanced analytical technology does more than just gather information. It processes and presents it in a clear, actionable format, boosting strategic decision-making at multiple levels.

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Automatically synced

The employee lifecycle is a stand-alone process, but is built to be seamlessly connected to existing databases. It easily syncs up with your current HR software for an ultimate user experience, both for you and the talent.

Leveraging top-tier security protocols, we guarantee the utmost protection of personal data and maintain strict confidentiality.

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