The future of job applications.

Increase application rates and unveil the genuine potential of candidates through our voice-driven job application solution.

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Equal opportunity

All candidates receive the same resources and questions, ensuring a fair and unbiased application process.

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Time saver

Reduce time spent on qualifying candidates in later stages. We provide you everything you need to know in a standardised format.

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More applications

The "complete later" function and automatic email reminders boosts the application rate without additional effort from recruiters.

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Enhanced understanding

Assess emotive traits of candidates through their voice. Capture energy, motivation, and intonation, providing a more comprehensive view of the applicant.

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Fast comparison

Easily compare candidates and include all responsible colleagues in this process. Fully integrated in your existing systems and workflows.

Engaging and innovative

Engaging and innovative

Take your application process to the next level. The audio intakes experience is enjoyable, challenging, and efficient for candidates.

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The new standard for job applications.

The traditional, text-based job application process is fundamentally flawed.

For recruiters:
For candidates:
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Comparisons fall short;
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Lack of clarity:
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Impersonal & unreliable;
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Incredibly time-consuming.
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Securely stored and easy to review.

The applications are standardised into a universal format, making them accessible from anywhere and enabling effortless comparison of groups of candidates.

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Fully integrated

Audio Intakes seamlessly integrates in your career website and applicant tracking system.

Replace application forms

No more file uploads

Replace uploading CV's and cover letters, with a fully integrated and easy to use voice recording questionnaire.
Integrated submissions

Auto transcriptions

All answers are automatically converted to text and viewable (together with audio) in your ATS


Transparant, pay as you go.


From €49/month

If billed annually

  • Max. 1 job template;
  • 20 applications per template, per month;
  • Customizable branding & languages;
  • Email support;
  • Email integration;


From €139/month

If billed annually

  • Max. 3 job templates;
  • 50 applications per template, per month;
  • Customizable branding & languages;
  • Email & phone support;
  • Email integration;
  • ATS integration;
  • Admin portal;


From €229/month

If billed annually

  • Max. 5 job templates;
  • 100 applications per template, per month;
  • Customizable branding & languages;
  • Unlimited applications;
  • Email integration;
  • ATS integration;
  • Admin portal;
  • Detailed analytics in admin portal;

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