The new standard for job applications.

Let candidates showcase their experience, education and motivation, with their voice.

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A candidate experience like never before.

Get rid of free format applications and offer candidates a flow that is fast, easy to use and equal for everyone.

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Fair game

Ask every candidate the same questions and provide them the same tools to apply. Giving everyone equal chances. Game on!

Time saver

Reduce time spent on qualifying candidates later on, due to structured and obligatory motivational questions and automatic follow ups.

More applications

Mobile devices are the number 1 application resource. A CV is far from mobile friendly. With Audio Intakes you won't miss out on talent.

Better applications

Assess emotive traits of candidates. Enriching applications with energy, emotion and intonation will boost your hiring.

Fast comparison

Easily compare candidates and include all responsible colleagues in this process. Fully integrated in your existing systems and workflows.

Innovative experience

Take your application process to the next level by offering applicants a personal, engaging and exciting new experience.

Fully integrated

Audio Intakes seamlessly integrates in your career website and applicant tracking system.

Replace application forms

No more file uploads

Replace uploading CV's and cover letters, with a fully integrated and easy to use voice recording questionnaire.

Auto transcriptions

All answers are automatically converted to text and viewable (together with audio) in your existing recruitment system.

"It only took us two weeks to integrate and instantly adds value for our users."

Pietje puk

Head of product, Apple Inc.

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Transparant, pay as you go.


From €99/month

Billed Monthly
  • Max. 1 job template;
  • Max. 6 questions per template;
  • Unlimited applications;
  • Email integration


From €249/month

Billed Monthly
  • Max. 10 job templates;
  • Max. 10 questions per template;
  • Unlimited applications;
  • Email integration


From €449/month

Billed Monthly
  • Max. 50 job templates;
  • max 15 questions per template;
  • Unlimited applications;
  • Email integration

ATS integration

Making sure every application is securely stored in your existing applicant tracking system, including the audio answers and automatic transcriptions.


Frequently asked questions

Together with our users we have created a knowledge base specially for you.

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How many questions can I add to an Audio Intake?
Can an Audio Intake replace my existing application form?
Can I control the length of the answers?
Can I brand an Audio Intakes?

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