See how a candidate will get the job done - part 1

Arina Gerdyush
October 22, 2021

See how a candidate will get the job done


The first stages of the recruitment process are key for success down the line but the stakes are high; let the wrong candidates through and you’re wasting the hiring manager’s and your own time, turn down some hidden gems and you’re missing a world of opportunity. Intake interviews serve the purpose of preselection, validating whether behind an interesting CV there is an interesting candidate. This is usually done by phone, but frankly, the era of the phone call is over when the younger generation avoids them like the plague. It doesn’t help that they sap the time of the recruiter like nothing else so it’s a lose-lose. Digitising your process is the answer but they’re only as good as your approach. 

So how do you avoid a time-consuming conversation with an unqualified candidate that doesn’t tell you much more than the CV? In this series we will discuss different overlooked personality traits and how to qualify them. We’ll give you questions that lead to examples and honest self-reflection while not taking up more time than your run-of-the-mill standard set. Don’t wait to get to know your candidate and their potential until you get to meet them live.  Get a solid idea of what makes them tick early on in your process by asking the unexpected questions that dig deeper. 

For the second undervalued and misunderstood quality that applies to all hires, can they "get the job done"?

You might think it is not possible to assess how the candidate will be at their job until they’re a few weeks in, but there are always tell-tale signs as to what their style is and what it might look like once they’ve inserted themselves into the team. It’s all about their thought process, experience, and creativity and how that fits into the company workflow. To avoid disappointment and failed trial periods down the line, you will want to consider asking some of these questions. You will be surprised how much it changes the way you look at the recruitment process! 

Part 1: How to gage if a candidate will improve the process

There are a few things that are a bigger headache than processes. The working day of all teams big and small are ruled by the processes and the dreaded admin and without a system of continuous progress any company struggles to keep up with the pace of business. A new hire may be able to look at the status quo with a fresh pair of eyes and different experience and finally solve the bottlenecks the team is experiencing. It’s important to be careful however and ensure they can still play a part of the team even if the process isn’t their favourite. If a business is to be a well-oiled machine, sometimes one person's job has to get more cumbersome for the good of the team. Here attitude matters just as much as a keen eye for process improvement. 

Can they "get the job done"?

So it’s easy to see that when good process management can save time, money and nerves, the sort of candidate that has a knack for improving processes is invaluable. Nevertheless, how do you know if this is the rare gem you’re looking at? Consider incorporating some of these questions into your arsenal:

  • Describe a long-standing system that wasn’t working at your last job, what did you do about it?
  • What administrative process at work annoys you the most and how do you motivate yourself to address it? 
  • Tell us about a time you changed your mind about a process. 

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